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Website Award

There are many awards available on the net - some more coveted than others - but there are few awards to reward the hard work that church musicians have put in to set up their web sites. The Anglican Church Music Website Award will be awarded periodically to the web site that displays:

  • Good, clear website design.
  • Interesting and informative content.
  • Be listed on this site (or is suitable to be so).

You don't need to have hundreds of Java applets, guestbooks, counters, or CGI scripts. In fact, some of the best sites are those that are clear and simple.


Nominations are invited from readers of this site. Let me know by using this form (or by email) who you think should win the award. You can even nominate your own site if you want.

Winning the Award

Individual site owners will be notified by email that they have won the award. The site wil