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Web Ring

A webring is a way to link groups of web sites with mutual interest together, so that anyone interested in a subject can follow the ring and know that the links will be of interest to them.

The Anglican Church Music web ring has been set for people with an interest in church music - be they church musicians, members of congregations, or just general music lovers, that have web sites of a similar subject. To see if your web site qualifies to join, see the membership rules.

How does it work...?

Basically, for the ring to work, each ring member is asked to insert a section of either HTML or JavaScript code into their page that links their site with the next link of the ring. The result of the code you insert will look something like this below:

Anglican Church Music Web Ring
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Do not use this code - you need your own personalised version (see below)

How do I join...?


In order for the ring to work correctly, it's members should keep their ring information up-to-date. So, if your URL, email address, or site title change, then you should modify your ring details.

Does it work...?

To see how effective joining the ring can be, have a look at the Web Ring Statistics.

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