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Web Ring Rules

It is the aim of this Web Ring is to link together web sites to do with Anglican and Episcopal church music, for cathedral and church choirs, other choirs performing sacred music, sites concerned with organ music, and general sites relating to the subject.

People wanting to join the Web Ring should ensure that:

  1. Web sites should be (in their entirety) about the Anglican Church Music or a related subject.
  2. There should be no material that is grossly offensive to anyone, including clear expressions of bigotry, racism, or hatred. Also there should not be any material promoting illegal activity, and pages should not defame, abuse or threaten others.
  3. The webmaster reserves the right to reject an application to join the ring, and may withdraw membership of an existing member at any time without notice, if the content of the web site, or the actions of the owners breaches any of the membership rules, or attempts to bring the Web Ring, Anglican Church Music, the Anglican Church or any other individual or organisation in general into disrepute.

Content last updated on Wednesday, 26th May 1999
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