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St Mary-le-Tower, Civic Church, Ipswich Open new window
Like many large town churches in this country, St Mary-le-Tower has usually been served by a professional organist and choirmaster and a large voluntary choir of men and boys, and its Sunday services have been either partly of fully choral. This continues today, with the responsibilities shared between two choirs, the Church of gentlemend and boys and the Tower Singers, a group of up to sixteen or so ladies and girls. Between the two choirs, the traditional Eucharist at 9.45 combines choral music with congregational singing. Matins at 11.15am (choral Eucharist on the first Sunday in the month) and Evensong at 6.30pm are fully sung in the style of the great choral foundations of this country. The Tower Singers sometimes appear alone, drawing on the large repertoire of music for upper voices, and sometimes with the gentlemen of the Church Choir. (Added 12-Jun-2006)

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